Gjipea Beach

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Gjipea beach has a beautiful form. After the beach, there is a stream that has made a canyon with 70 m high walls. Located near the beach of Dhërmiu is the Cave of Pirates, which tourists can access by ferry. There are also some hotels, restaurants, and summer discos located here. Throughout this entire area, “familiarity tourism” has been developed, where tourists can choose to rent a house as their accommodation instead of staying in a hotel.
8 km south of Dhërmiu is Vunoi, near Himara, which is the central area of the Albanian Riviera. It is a tourist place that comes to life during the summer season thanks to the younger generations that come here. In this area are the beaches of Spilea, Potami, Llamani, and Livadh. All of them stand out for their deep waters navigability. After Borshi is the beach of Qeparoi and the small tectonic gulf of Porto Palermo, which is located near Ali Pasha Castle. Borshi is one of the longer littoral zones of the  Albanian Riviera and girding this beach is a collection of massive Mediterranean vegetation, primarily citrus and olive plantations). Familiarity tourism has also become very popular in this area.

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