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Biza mountain, is located in the district of Tirana, in the comune of Shën Gjergj. The distance from the capital is 85 kilometers. The field of Biza is located 1200 meters above the sea level. It is 4 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide and has fresh air all year round. The fields are surrounded by the craggy mountain slopes, especially from the southeast and north western side. The field of Biza is crossed by the river with the same name, which then disappears within a cave near the village of Val.
Biza is rich with many forests, especially oak and beech. In this area wildlife finds a shelter such as Brown Bear, wolf, wild goats, fox, wild rabbit, wild boor ,etc. The area is characterized by significant snow fall during the cold season. However it provides very favorable natural conditions for organizing tourist activities where we can mention tourism in tents during the warm season, and skiing in natural track. Biza is a natural park, which has the status of the protected area with a surface of 1370 hectares.

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