Karpen and Spilleja beaches

Regarding the beaches which belong to Kavaja district it is worth to mention the Karpen and Spilleja beaches, which have a good reputation for the high quality of sand ( rich in iodine) , sea waters and dense vegetation of pine trees ( Spilleja)

Currila beach

In the north part of Durres city is situated the Currila beach , where the water is deeper and the beach is protected from the worm wind coming from the land.

Durrësi beach

Durrësi beach, situated only 39 km away  from Tirana, is the biggest and the most populated beach of the country. It has a length of 6 km with a considerably wide strip of sand. The sea depth increases very gradually, which makes this beach very attractive to families with children, and the location of Durrësi Bay keeps it very protected from the winds. Situated here is the largest number of tourist facilities including hotels, motels, villa compounds, bars, restaurants, discos, etc.

Lalëzi Bay

One of the most attractive areas of the Albanian Adriatic is Lalëzi Bay, situated between Rodon Cape and Bishti i Pallës. Rodon Cape is a wonderful natural masterpiece of 7.5 km and is a highlight for those who enjoy diving. The beaches of Lalëzi Bay are sandy ones, some of them surrounded by strips of pine trees. Some of the most outstanding beaches are the ones of Shën Pjetri and Rrushkull, well known for their clean and deep blue waters.


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