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The first excavations at this site began in the year 1963 headed by Albanian archaeologist Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Mano. Since that time, a 30m long stoa (covered walkway) has been unearthed. The monument clearly resembles to the same monument of Apollonia, indicating the strong links between these two cities. Many stamped tiles have also been found, bearing the names of the workshop owners, but also the word “DIMALITAN” indicating that the workshops were property of the city. The writer Polybius mentioned the role of the city in the Second Illyrian-Roman war, around 218 BCE. An effort was undertaken to further fortify the city at this time. The Roman historian, Titus Livius, mentioned Dimal again in the events of 205 BCE when the city was ruled by Romans. The excavations discovered several inscriptions hinting at the advanced political status of the ancient city. When the Illyrian regent Demeter Fari organized the uprising against Rome after the year 228 BCE, he gathered his army in Dimal. The campaign against him was lead by the Roman general Paul Emilius.

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