Tropical Resort

Tropikal  Resort  is  certainly  the destination   for  tourists  who  know  very  well  the taste  of comfort ,  luxury ,  elegance , all  details  which  characterize   our  resort .  The  Tropikal  Resort   is  positioned  in  Durres  city , with  a large  territory , in the middle  of the beautiful  green  nature, where  tranquility   of peace  is interwoven  with  the serenity   of the Adriatic   Sea  whose  shore is just  about  on  the  front  steps.

Parku Kombëtar i Qafë Shtamës

Parku Kombëtar i Qafë Shtamës ndodhet në verilindje, 25 km nga qyteti i Krujës. Parku njihet si një qendër klimaterike. Në këtë park ndodhet burimi i famshëm i “Nënës Mbretëreshë” prej të cilit del një ujë shumë i pastër dhe i akullt, me kualitetet të lartë dhe shumë i shëndetshëm. Uji i këtij burimi është konsumuar nga familja mbretërore shqiptare.

Shtam Pass National Park

The Park is located 25 kilometers to the northeast of Kruja with an area of 2,000 hectares. The water source "Queen Mother" is one of the most attractive spots in the Park with clean, cold and curative water. The Park is frequented by a large number of visitors.

Castle of Rodoni

This castle is located near Rodoni Cape and was built from Skanderbeg with the intention of reaching out to the sea. It was built during the first surrounding of Kruja on 1450 and was finished on 1452. The walls of this castle had a length of 400 meters and at its corners were located some circular towers.  As a result of the abrasive activity of the sea water, some parts of the castle sink in the Adriatic waters. Nowadays, visitors can only see the walls of the outer part of the castle that end at a circular tower.

Castle of Kruja

This castle is the most important tourist object of Kruja city. The castle was built during the V - VI centuries. It has an elliptic form with a perimeter of 804 meters. The surrounding walls are fortified with 9 towers. In the highest point, in the north - eastern part, is located the Clock  Tower, that used to serve for the notification and signaling of the Petrela castle and Durrës city.

Bardhori and Gjenerali

The Cape of Lagji closes the Durrësi bay, in its south. It is suitable for diving. Nearby, there are the small beaches of rare beauty of Bardhori and Gjenerali. Bardhori is a rocky beach , while Gjeneral is surrounded by lush vegetation. It looks like a natural amphitheater. Both are secluded beaches, excellent for those who want to escape from the noise.

Karpen and Spilleja beaches

Regarding the beaches which belong to Kavaja district it is worth to mention the Karpen and Spilleja beaches, which have a good reputation for the high quality of sand ( rich in iodine) , sea waters and dense vegetation of pine trees ( Spilleja)


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