Elbasani Cultural Heritage

Roman Road Station of Ad Quintium is located close to Bradashesh village, in the vicinity of the modern city of Elbasan.

The Castle of Elbasan is a field castle in the city of Elbasan. Cristobel, the second Mehmet historian, referred to it first.

The Church of Saint Nicolas in Shelcan (Kisha e Shën Nikollës) is located in the village of Shelcan in the district of Shpati, southeast of Elbasan.

The Monastery of Saint John Vladimir (Shën Gjon Vladimiri) in Shijon is located only 4 km away from Elbasan.

In Elbasan you may also visit the Ethnographic Museum of Elbasan, the Peqini Castle (15th century CE). The church of Good Friday in Valesh (Kisha e Shen e Premtes) i