Food and Drink

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Albanian cuisine offers unique flavors that have developed and evolved over the centuries. Albania’s geographic location, more or less at the crossroads between East and West, has resulted in an original culinary blend. It shows influences from Asian, Turkish, and various European sources.Agriculture flourishes here and the organic fruits and vegetables grown in the Mediterranean climate serve to further enrich the cuisine. A traditional Albanian drink is called raki. It is a distilled spirit usually made from grapes. Additionally, the locally produced cognac, Skanderbeg Cognac, is excellent and has won many international prizes. Wine is also produced on a large scale in Albania and many delicious varieties of red and white are available.Coffee (Turkish or espresso varieties) is very popular and enjoyed by many Albanians throughout the day. There are a wide variety of restaurants in Albania. Larger restaurants usually feature some variety of international cuisine in addition to some Albanian offerings. Often the best Albanian food can be found in the smaller restaurants. Some of the mainstays of Albanian cuisine include: roast lamb, veal escalopes, biftek (beef), qebab (kebobs), and qofte (meatballs). Fërgesë tiranase, a traditional dish of meat, eggs, and tomatoes is cooked in an earthenware dish and is very popular. Excellent quality, fresh seafood can be readily found when travelling anywhere near the coast.