Mediterranean Beaches

The Albanian coast offers visitors an escape to calm waters as almost the entire coast is sheltered from winds making it a paradise for swimmers. Tourists will find the 450 km of coast a wonderful place to enjoy many of Albania’s unspoiled beaches.
The Albanian coast is composef of two distinct zones: the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Beaches on the Northern Adriatic coast are shallow and excellent for children and family vacations. Much of the coastline is composed of pine forests and several lagoons for nature and wildlife lovers. The southern Ionian coastline is dramatically rugged, with steep mountainous landscapes to smooth pebble beaches. The coastal area offers many opportunities for water sports and diving.

The additional beaches of Golem and Mali i Robit makes up almost the same unit with Durresi beach . They have the same characteristics. Here you can find the presence of pine forest, which decorated the seaside.

Himara is the central area of the over littoral Jonian sea, It is a touristic place that comes very animated in the summer season by the youth generation and relatives.There are part of this beach   Spilea, Potami,

Ishulli i Zvërnecit është një nga dy ishujt e lagunës së Nartës në Vlorë. Ai është një ishull mjaft piktoresk i mbjellë i gjithi me pemë qiparisash.

Regarding the beaches which belong to Kavaja district it is worth to mention the Karpen and Spilleja beaches, which have a good reputation for the high quality of sand ( rich in iodine) , sea waters and dens

Ksamili Islands. The four marvellous Ksamili islands only 8.9 ha when measured together feature some of the most unspoiled beauty in all Albania.

One of the most attractive areas of the Albanian Adriatic is Lalëzi Bay, situated between Rodon Cape and Bishti i Pallës.