Ishulli Zvërnecit

Ishulli i Zvërnecit është një nga dy ishujt e lagunës së Nartës në Vlorë. Ai është një ishull mjaft piktoresk i mbjellë i gjithi me pemë qiparisash. Në këtë ishull ndodhet kisha e Shën Marisë, një kishë e vjetër dhe me mjaft vlera. Vajtja në këtë ishull mundësohet nga një urë e gjatë druri që lidh atë me bregun.


Dhermiu that follow more in the south of Albania is one of the most frequented and important tourist places of Albanian littoral. The crystal waters of the sea, isolated beaches, water sports and subsurface diving make this beach very prefered by the youth generation. The beaches that are part of Dhermi are Jaliksari, Shkambo and Gjipea.


In south of Vlora's bay there is Orikumi, where lately is build a harbor for yachts. Orikumi's beach is about 2 km long. In this area there are Pana and Rrapi sea caves.

Pish Poro Fier and Vlora

The embouchure of Vjosa, which lies in the south, constitutes a natural protected area in both sides of the river that are called Pish Poro Fier and Vlora. This is a natural area with seaside pines, isolated sandy beaches and a convenient nesting place for seabirds.

Bardhori and Gjenerali

The Cape of Lagji closes the Durrësi bay, in its south. It is suitable for diving. Nearby, there are the small beaches of rare beauty of Bardhori and Gjenerali. Bardhori is a rocky beach , while Gjeneral is surrounded by lush vegetation. It looks like a natural amphitheater. Both are secluded beaches, excellent for those who want to escape from the noise.

Karpen and Spilleja beaches

Regarding the beaches which belong to Kavaja district it is worth to mention the Karpen and Spilleja beaches, which have a good reputation for the high quality of sand ( rich in iodine) , sea waters and dense vegetation of pine trees ( Spilleja)

Golem and Mali i Robit

The additional beaches of Golem and Mali i Robit makes up almost the same unit with Durresi beach . They have the same characteristics. Here you can find the presence of pine forest, which decorated the seaside. Likewise in Durresi beach the concentration of tourist facilities here is very high ( hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs etc).

Currila beach

In the north part of Durres city is situated the Currila beach , where the water is deeper and the beach is protected from the worm wind coming from the land.

Rodon cape

Rodon cape is a wonderful natural masterpiece of 7,5 km towards the open sea. This area is one of the most highlighted areas for diving. The beaches of Lalëzi bay are sandy ones, some of them surrounded by pine tree stripes.

Zvërneci Beach

Zvërneci Island is one of the two islands in Narta Lagoon in Vlora. It is very picturesque and its landscape is dotted with beautiful cypress trees. The island is also home to the historically significant Santa Maria Church. Access to the island is via a wooden bridge, which offers spectacular views of the lagoon


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