Bashtova Castle

Bashtova Castle is situated close to the village of Bashtova, about 3-4 km north of the Shkumbini River estuary. The castle was built in the 15th century CE and was used by the Venetians. In the past, the Bashtova region was known as a harbor on the Shkumbini River and as a center for the export of cereal grains. The castle has a rectangular shape, 60 x 90 meters, with 9 meter high walls. The western part of the castle was rebuilt in the 18th century CE.

Hotel Kosmira

Located in the bustling port city of Durres, Hotel Kosmira has 21 rooms with a welcoming, home like service. The property also features a restaurant with traditional cuisine Albanian andKosovar cuisine specialties along with other Mediterranean delicacies.

Holet Harmonia AS

The Harmonia AS Hotel is part of the Harmonia Hotels Group, the newest and most ambitious hospitality initiative in Albania. Harmonia AS Hotel & Resort, along with its sister hotel Harmonia Ibiza, is located in Durres Bay. Our desire is to finally crate in Albania an experience that would promote the true values of our country. Providing personalized services and genuine Albanian hospitality is our mission and goal. We strive every day to improve the quality of what we deliver.

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