Tirana Cultural Heritage

Bashtova Castle is situated close to the village of Bashtova, about 3-4 km north of the Shkumbini River estuary. The castle was built in the 15th century CE and was used by the Venetians.

The Bektashi Way is a mystical path whose goal is to perfect man’s soul. It is the path which guides the believer and brings him to his ultimate goal: closeness to God.

Tirana's oldest surviving Catholic Church is the Roman-style Jesuit church, built by Giovanni Santi (from Udine in Italy) in 1939.

Et'hem Haji Bey began to build the clock tower in the years 1881-1882 and ended it with the help of the richest families of Tirana. In 1928 the Albanian state bought an hour in German

This is the only still existing mosque out of eight mosques that were built in Tirana in century XVIII-XIX.

Kapllan Pasha’s Tomb is located on “28 Nëntori” street in Tirana. It is part of a monumental cemetery complex of the first Tirana Mosque, which was destroyed during the Second World War.